Support / Feedback

Thank you using Analytics3D. If you have any questions or feedback, please email and we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

Data Usage Policy

We respect your privacy. Analytics3D only uses official native Google APIs for OAuth 2 authentication and data requests. Data is transmitted securely between Google's servers and your device and never retransmitted. When adding your Google Analytics™ account, only an authentication key is securely stored by Google on the device to save the need to repeatedly authenticate. Report data requested by the app is only used to render the report that you are currently viewing and never stored.

Version History

Analytics3D Version 1.4.0 - Released 9th January 2015

Analytics3D Version 1.3.2 - Released 30th January 2014

Analytics3D Version 1.3.1 - Released 23rd January 2014

Analytics3D Version 1.3.0 - Released 9th January 2014

Analytics3D Version 1.2.0 - Released 21st July 2013

Analytics3D Version 1.1.0 - Released 10th July 2013

Analytics3D Version 1.0.1 - Released 26th June 2013

Analytics3D Version 1.0.0 - Released 11th June 2013