Analytics3D - Google Analytics iPad App and iPhone AppAnalytics3D - Google Analytics iPhone App and iPhone AppAnalytics3D - Google Analytics iPad App and iPhone App

Analytics3D is the first Google Analytics iPad app / iPhone app to combine 3D and gestures to provide a great new way to view your Google Analytics website and app stats.

Depth represents time, allowing you to 'time travel' with touch gestures, which is both functional and fun!

● Animated interactive 3D reports
● Time travel with pinch gestures
● Spin and zoom the globe
● View your critical data quickly and easily
● Perfect for presentations (great on Apple TV!)
● Secure authentication using OAuth 2.0
● Includes support for Mobile App Analytics

Due to Google decommissioning one of their older APIs, the current version of Analytics3D no longer works. 😞 We're working on a new version of Analytics3D and will restore it to the App Store once it's ready.

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"Wow fab App. Truly impressive way to view Google Analytics on IPad, well done @analytics3d love spinning the circle round to view results."
Twitter User

"Really helps put all that data into perspective. Love it!"
App Store Review

"Analytics3D brings to life your boring site statistics in a whole new way. Pushing and pulling the globe, or the graphs really make this fun..."

"I must say the app is good." ... "The location of visitors is my favorite feature. The bars on location view in 3D is really cool."